Bank Job

A life of financial independence. You've been chasing this dream for a long time, but when you face reality, you're just a few small fish keeping your head above water with small time crimes. Until now. 

Rumour has it that Lenny the thief is putting together a crew, and that there's more at stake here than just robbing the local corner shop. Much more. 

The Bull Bank has a new customer, a rich entrepreneur from the southern states, who is said to have deposited a small treasure in the inconspicuous branch: Gold bars, and plenty of them. Lenny's men have been watching the place day and night and have discovered that the only way to gain access to the main vault is through the customer locker area in the bank's basement. Under the pretext of wanting to open your own deposit, you can gain access to the premises, a diversionary manoeuvre by Lenny's boys in the foyer should do the rest. So while a supposed robbery takes place upstairs, you secretly pull off the real coup. The problem: you have a lot of information about the security system and the safe, but you also know that as soon as it is open, the bank will go into shutdown. And you will have to think of a clever way to get your loot out inconspicuously...