Sherlock Holmes has been abducted. Yesterday evening, masked men broke into Bakerstreet 221B and took the Master Detective with them. It seems, as during his investigations, Sherlock Holmes found something that one of his archenemys didn’t want in the hands of Scotland Yard. And exactly they received an anonymous letter the next morning, which didn’t include any demands for a ransom but just an announcement that the Master Detective will find his well deserved end before the day is over. After that, there would be nothing that could stop the uprising of Londons criminal underworld. As professionals on the team in charge of securing evidence you head for Bakerstreet in hope of finding clues to Sherlocks actual whereabouts before it's too late for your idol. There has to be a hint, whose plans Sherlock was about to cross, but the list of potential suspects is long and time is running out.