Zombie - be a part of a horror movie

In the year 2056, a Zombie apocalypse erased almost the total Mankind. Most of the Survivors are fighting each other instead of helping out, but you all are different. My Name is Thomas Heinzinger and I’m the Assistant of Professor Eriksson the probably last Virologist. When we got separated, the doctor was close to finishing the Antidote. I just got bitten, the time is gonna be over for me soon. But you have to help the Professor. Take this Walkie-Talkie, on the other side you should hear the Doctor. Sometimes he just starts talking nonsense. Who can blame him? After he saw his wife getting eaten by a Zombie he was not the same anymore. You better Hurry up, if you stay in the Darkness too long the Zombies might get you.



Age: from 18 years
Not recommended if: pregnant, heart problems
Difficulty: high
Duration: up to 60 minutes
Persones: 3-6
Actors: who knows 🙂